Group Communication

The following is the service learning assignment students had for this course:

Group Project-Community Project

Students will be put into groups based on their schedules and interest.  The group will identify a community service project in which all group members must participate during at least one aspect of the project (preparation/planning, interaction with community group or spokesperson, actual community service work, follow-up/clean up).

Community service should be at least 5 hours per person outside of class (i.e. 20 hours for a group of 4, 25 hours for a group of 5).  Not all group members need to put in equal hours; the amount of hours worked per person will be a group decision.  The group MUST work with either an on-campus or off-campus non-profit organization or club.

In addition to the actual work, each group will be required submit the following on

  • 1.      Develop and submit a group code of conduct

  • 2.      Record and submit group agendas & minutes for all group work (including in class and out of class meetings)

  • 3.      Submit a MEMO proposing the group project including the non-profit organization/club you will work with, the work you will do, a time frame for the project, goals for the project, and a justification for the project (why it was chosen, how your work will help the group you are working with).

  • 4.      Submit a progress report in MEMO format which will include planned vs actual work, group challenges, successes, and failures, a revised time frame/goals and justification for the changes, and an analysis of the group processes to date.

  • 5.      Write a blog post (directions on about the service project

  • 6.      Submit a final report that includes the work you completed, any problems or challenges you faced in completing the project, the impact of your project on organization you worked with, and suggestions for the group you worked with in the future.  Your report should also include supporting documentation from your partner organization to prove you did the required hours of work.  The report should go to the partner organization you worked with.

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