Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Book project

Chelsea Merrill

Michaela Burbank

Chris Smith

Tunisia Bey

Stephanie Acosta


Comm 304- Conference and Group Leadership

                While bringing my brother to school yesterday I saw something that did not settle very well with me.  I looked around the room and saw young students waiting for class to start and realized the generational gap that is slowly killing the success of our society.  I observed students teetering away on frivolous technology.  One students was watching an Iggy Azalea music video.  Another was playing a game that I can only guess that they outcome was how many people you could shoot in 30 seconds.  These students were glued to their iPhones and tablets.  So often we here about teenagers and adults being addicted to their phones, but these are 8 year olds.  Not a single child in this classroom had a book.  I saw a bookshelf in the corners that was full of literacy.  Unfortunately, it sat there solemnly collecting more dust than an antique shop. “Why weren’t these students reading?” I thought to myself.  I reminisced on the days that I spent countless hours with my nose in a book.  I’m not sure at what point childhood pastime switched from reading to texting, but I knew one thing for sure, lack or reading was becoming a huge problem.

                It has come to my attention that the education system is lacking in many ways.  Graduation rates are plummeting.  Students are dropping out of high school and college like it’s the Huger Games.  Lower graduation rates lead to a less educated workforce.  How can we expect our economy to thrive if we don’t have well qualified professionals in important fields?

                Reading does more than just entertain children.  It teaches the basic fundamentals for critical thinking and applied analysis.  Reading books provides children with the building blocks of becoming self- aware, competent members of society. We cannot expect our children to learn basic communication skills and rational thinking if they spend their days filling their spongent minds with crap. Psychologist stress that young children are very venerable to the world around them.  They observe everything and apply it.  Therefore, if they see crap, they will learn crap.  If they see knowledge, they will learn knowledge. 

1.                   Putting books in the hands of children is one of the best things that we can do for their future and our own.  By educating children at a young age and teaching them critical thinking skills, we will be giving them the tools that they need to successful future members of society.  It has also come to my attention that not all students have access to the resources for education.  That is why my group members and I participated in a book drive.  To help guarantee that all children have access to educational materials.  Below is a link to a video that my group and I created to showcase just how important books are to our children.  If you have any questions or are looking for ways to get involved please comment below.


What is community service?

Chelsea Merrill

Michaela Burbank

Chris Smith

Tunisia Bey

Stephanie Acosta


Comm 304- Conference and Group Leadership


Community service is important because it contributes to the success of a community.  So often people are concentrated on individual success. They may work hard for a desired outcome but the outcome is solely to support and benefit themselves.  The problem is that individual success is not what fuels a booming economy and supports a thriving population.  In order for us to succeed as a nation, we must succeed as a group.  That means that those of us who are capable and willing to help those of us who are less capable should.  We are told that we are all equal in this country, but that that doesn’t mean that we all have equal access to opportunity.  Due to conditions beyond control, many individuals are born into an underprivileged life.  Students aren’t always given a true education.  Veterans who risked their lives for us aren’t always able to get a job when they return.  Mothers who have become sick aren’t always able to afford to feed their children. It is our duty as privileged citizens to give back to those who are less than privileged.

 The community that you live in is more than just a zip code.  Your community is the heart and soul of your life.  Your community is home to your school, the place that you begin an education that will kick start the rest of your life.  Your community also provides you with parks that are not only environmentally necessary but are a spot that people can come together socially.  It is important not to take everything that your community gives you for granted. If you wish to succeed in life, you need the support of your community.

There are lots of different types of things that you can do as a form of community service.  There is the typical volunteering in a soup kitchen or planting a community garden. But there are so many other ways of community service that need to be done.  You can host a book drive in order to gather books for children that don’t have the same access to education equipment as you do.  You can spend time with at risk teens and pre-teens in an afterschool program.  You can find a way to encourage everyone in your community to recycle.  You can do any type of a fundraiser that you can use the profit from to make a healthy community.  The results are truly endless. Think outside of the box.  Discover an issue that you think is prevalent in your community, figure out a solution to that problem, and actively get involved to convince others to partake in your solution.  People get caught up in the everyday and they forget how important their contribution is to their community. Every little bit helps. If you have question or suggestions about how to get involved in your community, comment below.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Group 4's Video

Project Group Video (Week 8)
Group Members: Dayun Park, Aaron Willams, Chris Pasquarella, Jae Hack Jeong, Will Hunter

Process of Book Donation to Harlem Children's Zone

         During the entire semester, we were assigned one project which is donating books to non-profit organization. We worked together as a group and each team member put a lot of effort to donating books. Once a week, we gathered and discussed and planned what we should do for donation. We gathered books from diverse method, selected books, made a fund from goFundme, and finally sent it to the non-profit organization. To specify our process of book donation to Harlem Children' Zone, we made a funny 2.30 minute short video.
         The video starts with classroom and showed how we planned, brainstormed idea based on instruction, and how we contact with the organization. Then, we describe the process of collecting books which are going to academic department, faculty, and visiting dorms. Next, we show how we selected books from gathered books. Among selected book, we finally show how we sent those books to Harlem Children's Zone.
         In the video, some of group members (Dayun Park, Chris Pasquarella, and Jae Hack Jeong) became main actors and actress and also we included a young women who lives in Empire. Other members took turn and filmed the video, and they also edited and helped adding captions and credits. Overall, we made an interesting video which explains how we can successful in book donation. You can see the video under the link.

<iframe width="854" height="510" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/_3r2QTUNdWo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Group 3's Video!

Today in class our group was responsible for creating a video in which we decided to outline our service learning project! The video includes us speaking about our assignment, what organization we chose to work with, the importance of service learning, and the conclusion. 

In order to put our video together, we had to go through several steps. Our team needed to decide upon a video idea then create a script. From there, we had to act, then edit the film. Next comes this final blog post.

The project and film were very fun and a great learning experience. To check out our video and learn more about what we've done this semester click the link below!

Video on smaller classrooms VS larger classrooms in UAlbany!



We chose smaller classrooms vs larger classrooms because it highlights many "arguments" on what is better for students in one video! It can be shown that from smaller classrooms it is easier for the professor to engage with students and for students to get a chance to get a more in-depth understanding of what is going on in the lecture by having more chances of asking questions, since there is less people in the classroom. We know that it is unrealistic for there to be no more large lectures, but we believe that a smaller classroom environment is a more effective way for students to learn.

Carol Filmed this video

Spencer and Courtney acted in this video

Caitlyn wrote the script for the video 

and I (Jessica) posted and wrote the blog!

To do this video we walked around campus to find different examples of small classrooms and large lecture centers for the location of the video!

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How and Why to Donate Books - Group 1 Video

Group 1 Members: Alex Moeller, Jessica Henkel, YoonKyung Cho, Jane Kim, Brianne Dolan, Jenna Dobin

To decide on our concept, we first thought of our initial thought process when we discussed how and why to donate books. This can also apply to donation and community service of any kind. We wanted to break down these steps into more broad detail in order to apply to others, and what message we wanted to send. We then decided on a script in which to communicate our message that best portrayed our vision. Jessica Henkel, Brianne Dolan, and Jenna Dobin communicated these messages in our video, and the message was recorded by Alexander Moeller. We took a desk from our classroom to use as a base prop, and used Alex's laptop to help us with our our new script. The script was essentially a rough rewrite of our blog post about how to get involved, because we felt that post was strong and needed not only emphasis, but more of a personal touch for those who wanted to get involved. We talked about how we donated books, what others can do to get involved, and the hashtags (#GreatBookGiveaway #DoYourPart #ProjectCommunity #OneselfOneCommunity) that others can use to follow our progress--or even show us their own! Alex is best at computers so he volunteered to edit our video together with the text that we needed. We then broke down our duties as group members for the other parts of the assignment.

Below is our group video for the Great Book Giveaway.

Project Group Video (Week 8)


Kelly, Kassie, Oscar, and Carrie

Project Group Video (Week 8)

     Today our group was given the task to create a video explaining the process we used to accomplish our group service learning project. We were given a checklist that included the criteria we had to meet to finish the project on time. First, we were told to pick a concept for our video. We decided that our concept would be our process of choosing our organization, challenges we met along the way, and how we were able to overcome those challenges.  Next we gathered our equipment, which was an iPhone, and a Mac with iMovie.

      Next, we wrote a script and tasked each member to speak about one aspect of our project. We then filmed and edited the video using iMovie. We split up the work by having two people work on editing the video while the other two worked on the blog post. Finally, we uploaded the video to YouTube and embedded it into this post.    


 Hope you enjoy the video!

Our Video

Our video will be introducing group members as well as the organization, St. Mary's Children's Hospital of Queens. Our goal in the video is to meet our group members and to share further information on our organization and the reasoning behind choosing it. With this we will explain the positive impact this assignment has had on us as group members and conclude by asking each member whether or not they will continue participating in service learning related activities.

-Rebecca, Zuri, Brooke, Diamond, Molly

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Importance and Impact of Civic Engagement

Have you ever done something for someone not because you had to but because you were in the position to do so? Has someone ever done something for you with you asking because they knew that their help would help you to be in a better place than you were before? This is community service in a nutshell and it changes lives and has been since community service has been around.
Community service is becoming increasingly important in society. It provides service and help to people and communities in need, while strengthening communities, too. It serves as a platform for personal growth and a self-esteem booster in volunteers. It helps volunteers feel good about themselves for their giving back to the community. Another positive experience of community service is that it brings people in the community together while strengthening community bonds. Community service can also act as learning experience for volunteers and even act as experience for certain careers (ie. Peace Corp., Red Cross). Giving back to the community also emphasizes the importance and civic responsibility of being in a community. However, the most important reason for community service is that volunteers make a difference through action.
            Community service and its importance is clearly and widely known to have the impact that is mentioned above and much more. However, this was only the case after community service was seen to be effective and necessary to develop standards for community engagement. Through social learning, the community at large has been constantly reminded that service can only benefit those in need and if you are in the position to provide a service then why not? Community service has grown and spread to other aspects of society. Nowadays, you have entire companies, corporations and countries engaging in community service. The NBA, for instance, under the name NBA Cares, provides local communities with services ranging from education to infrastructure. Many large corporations are now engaging in corporate social responsibility which is a way for these large corporations to show the communities in which they conduct business that they care and are not purely focused on just making profits.
            Society, overall, has placed a positive connotation on the words community service. When you hear it, an image of solidarity and empathy comes to mind. You can only hope that community engagement continues on this upward trend.

            We encourage feedback. All comments are welcomed and if there are any questions you have, please feel free to express them. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Great Book Giveaway

In our Conference and Group Leadership class, we are currently working on a service learning group project called "The Great Book Giveaway." Service learning is the integration of meaningful community service and following instructions that meet specific learning objectives, enriching the overall learning experience. Along with enriching students learning experience, service learning is also a way to develop and acquire necessary skills, as well as knowledge. The goal of this project is to distribute 30 books to a non-profit organization outside of the Capital District by April 30th, while applying our leadership and team skills. The members in our group are Chelsea Merrill, Tunisha Bey, Chris Smith, Michaela Burbank, and Stephanie Acosta. Chelsea Merrill is a junior majoring in Communications and minoring in Business and German. Tunisha Bey is a senior majoring in Communications and minoring in Psychology. Chris Smith is a senior majoring in History and minoring in Communications. Michaela Burbank is a junior majoring in Communications and minoring in Business and Psychology. And Stephanie Acosta is a senior majoring in Communications and minoring in Criminal Justice. We have decided to donate our books to the Ingalls Memorial Library in Rindge, New Hampshire. The Ingalls Memorial Library was built in 1894 on historic ground, which once belonged to Colonel Nathan Hale of Revolutionary fame. Today, the library offers many services such as book sales from donated books, children's story time, and home school programs. To successfully complete this project we have been following a consensus approach. We believe and have agreed that through the consensus decision making process we effectively complete our tasks more effectively than through a directive decision making process. Through the consensus process that we have chosen to follow, every group member gives their input in a decision that needs to be made and as a group we come to an agreement on the ultimate decision. Each and every one of us has distinct skills and attributes that make it possible for us to collaborate together to complete our given tasks. We will be distributing children’s books to the Ingalls Memorial Library. The reading level of the children’s books that we will be distributing to the library will range from toddlers up to preadolescents. One of the main reasons as to why we decided to donate children’s books instead of any other kind of books was because we believe that it is extremely critical for children to learn and flourish through reading.  Therefore, the Ingalls Memorial Library was the perfect library since it also has a passion for educating our youth. We have successfully collected 30 books and will officially distribute to them to Ingalls Memorial Library on April 18. We are looking forward to completing this project and furthermore providing children with inspiring books!

Group 1: Community Service is a necessity, even for YOU!

The members in our group are Jenna Dobin, Brianne Dolan, YoonKyung Cho, Alexander Moeller, Jessica Henkel, and Jane Kim and we all agree that community service is important for countless reasons. Community service makes the world a better place; it can make a difference to the lives of people, animals, organizations, and the environment. Community Service has a positive impact not only on the community but also on the volunteers contributing their efforts. Taking part in community service gives volunteers psychological, social and cognitive benefits. Through volunteering for community service people create friendships, learn new skills and often even advance their careers. Its also been studied that volunteering also helps peoples mental and physical health.
Most people don’t realize that community service is also important to the volunteers. Volunteering for community service is very beneficial; it helps people make new friends, expand their network and boost social skills. To commit to a shared activity together, this strengthens friendships and causes new relationships to form. It forces volunteers to meet new people, especially when they’re working in a new area. This enforces volunteers to build their networks, and expose you to people of similar interests. Volunteers need to constantly be around other people and work with others to complete a goal this results in developing their social skills and giving them a great opportunity of learning how to work in a group.
Volunteering increases self-confidence by providing a healthy boost to their self-esteem and life satisfaction. Volunteering makes people feel better about themselves causing them have a more positive view on life and their own future goals. This in end combats depression in people who volunteer, considering key risk factors for depression are social isolation and not feeling good about oneself. Another important impact volunteering has on a person is that it helps people stay physically healthy. Studies have found that those who volunteer have a lower mortality rate than those who do not.
Volunteering can introduce people to different experiences that could turn into new career interest. Through these experiences people can meet necessary people in the new field that they are pursing. Even when people are not planning on changing careers, volunteering teaches people new knowledge or offers opportunities to learn new skills used in the workplace. Volunteering people learn teamwork, communication, problem solving, project planning, task management, and organization.

The more obvious benefits community service provides is the great impact it has on the community. Some people believe that it is the unpaid volunteers that are sometimes the glue that holds a community together. There are many different community service activities that make a huge difference. Listed below are simple and easy things we can do, to contribute to our community.

·       Like our group has done, people can donate books, novels, and other reading materials to their local parish. People could also donate books to schools, hospitals, libraries or shelters.
·       Donate old clothes or household goods. You can give to your local Goodwill
·       Donate some non-perishables foods to your local food bank.
·        Bring used toys and stuffed animals to a children’s hospital.
·       Answer a letter to Santa from a needy child.
·       Send a care package to deployed troops, veterans, or wounded soldiers. Write a thank-you letter and include some food (no homemade or canned food allowed). This can be done through: Operation Gratitude
To learn what to donate and who to send it to:  Give2TheTroops
·       Donate blood. You can make an by clicking on: appointment with the Red Cross,
or look for a community blood drive near you.
·       Teach computer skills to the elderly.
·       Become a volunteer tutor.

From just these few examples we have a slight look into how important community service is to society and how the public depends on it for many different scenarios. Community service is crucial for the environment on a moral standpoint. There are many issues that cannot be fixed on their own or through government help and people who are capable need to help. In some cases community service is essential for peoples lives or the existence of an organization. When things have this big of an impact on the public its not hard to argue why community service is so important.

#DoYourPart #ProjectCommunity #OneselfOneCommunity

Section: 0002


Link for Community Service Organizations:

Questions or comments? Interested? Contact us!
(518) 442-5683
Community and Public Service Program CPSP
School of Social Welfare
1400 Washington Avenue
Social Sciences Bldg. Rm SS112
Albany, NY 12222

Come join us in the rewarding experience of community service today!

#cpsp #communityservice

Group 4: Importance of Community Service

Group 4

     Our group for consists of Kelly (Business major), Carrie (Communications/ English major), Oscar (Communications major), Kassie (Journalism major) and Hyewon (Communications major.) We are in ACOM 304 Conference and Group Leadership with Dr. Yonkers.      
     We believe that community service is important because it allows people to build ties with their community and to help those in need. For college students, community service is important to familiarize themselves with their school's community and surroundings. It allows students to experience things that are outside of the shelter of their day to day lives. They might appreciate things they take for granted now because of the impact they see themselves making. 
     Because of the diverse nature at UAlbany, students have a wide variety of community service options to choose from. We are also so close to the state's capital and capital region, there is always a need for community service and a chance to give back to our community. 

Contact Carrie for more information: cramirez@albany.edu

Group 3: The Importance of Community Service


Helllo, we are Joseph Vorbeck, Dorian Polk, Annelise Campbell, Peter Schweitzer, and Alicia Smith, and we are Group 3  in Virginia Yonker’s 8:45 A.M. Group and Conference Leadership Class. The class has helped us to understand the importance of community service and why everyone should engage in it. Community service is the best way for people to get involved and to give back to their communities.

There are so many opportunities and activities you can participate in. It is very rewarding to know that you can make a difference. Many teachers should want to incorporate community service into their classes. It helps to show that students are more than just students since they can lend a helping hand to their community. Community service through classrooms, student groups, and sport teams gives the participants the opportunity to engage in service that they might not take part in otherwise. Incorporating community service into the classroom could also lead to people continuing and doing more service outside of the classroom on their own. Providing service is a reflection of the university and helps create and maintain strong ties with the community and students.  

We hope that reading this post will encourage students to get involved in community service and that they understand the benefits and importance of providing service. We also hope that teachers can find ways to incorporate community service into their curriculum. There are many ways teachers can do this through service learning projects in the classroom. For students, there are many organizations that can help you get involved. UAlbany promotes these community service opportunities through school emails, social media outlets, tabling, and much more. Engaging in community service is a great thing and hopefully more students and teachers will partake in more of these events. If you want to see how other students and teachers are giving back to the community, check out the #ualbanycommunityservice hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. If you have any questions or comments regarding this post feel free to email us!

Joseph Vorbeck: jvorbeck@albany.edu
Dorian Polk: dmpolk@albany.edu
Annelise Campbell: acampbell5@albany.edu
Peter Schweitzer: pschweitzer@albany.edu
Alicia Smith: arsmith@albany.edu 

Why Community Service is Important

April 14, 2015
Group # 7
Members: Carol Kassas, Spencer Thibault, Jessica Delaney, Caityn Coburn, Courtney Henderson
Class Section: Conference and Group Leadership 304Y
Contact: bookmarkyourlife@gmail.com

Community service is a vital part of everyone's lives. It is important for someone to share in this experience. It can be done through our #organization called #bookmarkyourlife. Anyone can get involved! Doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, or where you come from, community service will leave you feeling like you've done your part. 

For those of you who don't know what #communityservice entails, it is someone or a group of people who perform to #benefit the public or its institutions. It is different from voluntary work because the work is not always done voluntarily, but for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is required by a school to complete previous to graduation or as mandates for certain classes. It may also be a court requirement for violating a law or committing a minor crime. This is called #communitypayback. Military service also requires this. 

It is important to give back to a community that gives you so much. Things such as cleaning up litter in local parks, handing out food at soup kitchens, midnight runs, fundraisers, and bake sales are all examples of common community service ideas. 

If anyone has any ideas about future community service projects, feel free to share your ideas by emailing us! You can also learn more about our organization by visiting our website 


UAlbany Service Learning and Community Engagement Project via the Harlem Donaters

     The Harlem Donaters, a group of 5 students at the University at Albany enrolled in a ACOM 304- Group Conference and Leadership class, has been tasked with collecting new or used books which will be donated to the Harlem Childrens Zone in Harlem, NY.

     Aaron Williams is a senior Communication major who loves staying active and helping others. He likes sports including basketball and golf. His favorite position in basketball is a forward because it is very hands on and it challenges Aaron’s ability to be a team leader. Jae Hack Jeong is a senior Economics major from South Korea. He served in the Korean military for 2 years and he plans on joining the US army. His desire to be in a team environment and helping others was integral to the completion of this project. Chris Pasquarella is a junior at the University at Albany studying Marketing, Management, and Communications who aims to one day work for NASCAR. He has done community service for various organizations including Guiding Eyes for the Blind as well as the Patterson Library. Will Hunter is a senior and a Communications major, who is a member of the UAlbany Rugby Team. Will’s postion the Rugby team is a tight head prop. This position drives the team forward using techniques of both offense and defense techniques which he credits to his maturity and engagement in the community. Dayun Park is a junior from South Korea who is studying Communication and Journalism. She volunteers for the UAlbany orientation assistance because she enjoys helping the community and getting people acclimated to new environments. All of us working together within a team has created a massive desire to help others and be involved in the community. Working with the Harlem Children’s Zone provided the perfect outlet for us to shine and help the world around us. 

     We are accepting books for toddlers, children and young adults. Any and every donation will beaccepted through the month of April, 2015. We are looking for books in good condition however, damaged books will be recycled or donated elsewhere.

     Harlem Children’s Zone is a non-profit organization geared towards aiding underprivileged children and their parents in making a better life through educational programs. To learn more about the Harlem Children’s Zone, you can contact them at (212) 360-3255 or visit their website at http://hcz.org/ . Every donation makes a difference and by giving to this cause you will be bettering both you and the community, please donate today!

Feel free to comment and/or ask questions. We are happy answer and respond! 

#UAlbany #communityservice #servicelearning

Group 4: Making a Difference

ACOM 304 Conference and Group Leadership


     Our group consist of Kelly, Oscar, Kassie, Hyewon, and Carrie. Kelly is a senior studying marketing and IT. She is also a member of Pi Sigma Epsilon and Vice President of the UAlbany tennis club. Oscar is a senior studying communication ans psychology. He is involved in ATV as a camera man and the green scene.  Kassi is a junior studying journalism and communications. She is the new editor in chief of the Albany Student Press. Hyewon is senior studying communication with a minor in business. Carrie is a senior majoring in communication and english. She is a senior Army ROTC cadet. 

     We have just donated 25 books to an organization called Books Through Bars in New York City on April 10th. The donations were part of a service learning requirement for the communications class that we are in. Books Through Bars can always use donations. Please check out the website to find out how you can donate and make a difference:booksthroughbarsnyc.org.

     Please comment below with any questions, we are more than happy to answer them for you!

Books Through Bars Contact Information:
Address: 123 Columbia Ave., in the neighborhood Red Hook, Brooklyn 

Group Information:
Contact Carrie: cramirez@albany.edu



The Importance of Community Service
Service Learning Project

Group Members:
Zuri Beadle (Communications Major), Rebecca Sheehan (Communications Major), Diamond Anglin (Communications Major), Brooke Longstaff (Communications Major), Molly McHale (Business Major)

Community Service is important because if provides you with rewarding learning experiences while benefiting others in need. It is an outlet to create change and have a positive impact both locally and worldwide. By participating in community service one may learn a great deal about others, as well as themselves while bringing together a diverse group of people so they may accomplish a task as one. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Group 1: The Great Book Giveaway

For our group project “The Great Book Giveaway” (#GreatBookGiveaway), we are required to use our knowledge of group and team working skills to successfully distribute over 30 books to an organization of our choosing in our ACOM304 Group Conference and Leadership course at the University at Albany. The members in our group are Jenna Dobin, Brianne Dolan, YoonKyung Cho, Alexander Moeller, Jessica Henkel, and Jane Kim. Together we used a Consensus approach to distribute these books in an organized manner. This means that any conflict that we faced or goals that we had in mind throughout our journey, we approached through sharing ideas with each other in a fishbowl discussion style, and then deciding which course of action would bring us the best outcome. We worked together to all gather the amount of required books. These books included childrens books, textbooks, and books just for leisure reading. We then agreed on an organization that would benefit the most from our books by thinking of places where all types of people go due to our broad spectrum of donated book genres. The organization we chose was the New Hope Reformed Church in Yonkers, NY to receive the books during Easter Break 2015 (early April). This is a Korean-American church with attendees primarily of Korean background. We chose a church because one of the main purposes of the existence of churches is for people to come together. We believe that books hold the very same power in bringing people together, and we can help so many people with different interests by donating many types of books. The website of New Hope Reformed Church in Yonkers is http://www.nydongsan.com/, however, it is written entirely in Korean. From here, we had to figure out how we actually wanted to ship those books to their destination, and now we are awaiting a receipt that will prove that we have accomplished the assignment successfully. If anyone is interested in getting involved with donating books, contact the Communication Department at the University at Albany, SUNY. There are many other places to donate to and clubs to donate with! Some examples include ROTC, library programs, school book drives, and overseas donation programs.

By following our hashtags listed in our posts, you can follow all of our progress, and get involved as well! Our hashtags are mostly aimed toward a Twitter audience, but we look ahead to possible expansion into Instagram or Facebook, too. We look forward to seeing your participation on social networks, and through the participation of others, we may influence many others. The Great Book Donation has the power to influence people just like books, and we hope to share our vision with as many other people as we can.