Thursday, April 23, 2015

Group 4's Video

Project Group Video (Week 8)
Group Members: Dayun Park, Aaron Willams, Chris Pasquarella, Jae Hack Jeong, Will Hunter

Process of Book Donation to Harlem Children's Zone

         During the entire semester, we were assigned one project which is donating books to non-profit organization. We worked together as a group and each team member put a lot of effort to donating books. Once a week, we gathered and discussed and planned what we should do for donation. We gathered books from diverse method, selected books, made a fund from goFundme, and finally sent it to the non-profit organization. To specify our process of book donation to Harlem Children' Zone, we made a funny 2.30 minute short video.
         The video starts with classroom and showed how we planned, brainstormed idea based on instruction, and how we contact with the organization. Then, we describe the process of collecting books which are going to academic department, faculty, and visiting dorms. Next, we show how we selected books from gathered books. Among selected book, we finally show how we sent those books to Harlem Children's Zone.
         In the video, some of group members (Dayun Park, Chris Pasquarella, and Jae Hack Jeong) became main actors and actress and also we included a young women who lives in Empire. Other members took turn and filmed the video, and they also edited and helped adding captions and credits. Overall, we made an interesting video which explains how we can successful in book donation. You can see the video under the link.

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