Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How and Why to Donate Books - Group 1 Video

Group 1 Members: Alex Moeller, Jessica Henkel, YoonKyung Cho, Jane Kim, Brianne Dolan, Jenna Dobin

To decide on our concept, we first thought of our initial thought process when we discussed how and why to donate books. This can also apply to donation and community service of any kind. We wanted to break down these steps into more broad detail in order to apply to others, and what message we wanted to send. We then decided on a script in which to communicate our message that best portrayed our vision. Jessica Henkel, Brianne Dolan, and Jenna Dobin communicated these messages in our video, and the message was recorded by Alexander Moeller. We took a desk from our classroom to use as a base prop, and used Alex's laptop to help us with our our new script. The script was essentially a rough rewrite of our blog post about how to get involved, because we felt that post was strong and needed not only emphasis, but more of a personal touch for those who wanted to get involved. We talked about how we donated books, what others can do to get involved, and the hashtags (#GreatBookGiveaway #DoYourPart #ProjectCommunity #OneselfOneCommunity) that others can use to follow our progress--or even show us their own! Alex is best at computers so he volunteered to edit our video together with the text that we needed. We then broke down our duties as group members for the other parts of the assignment.

Below is our group video for the Great Book Giveaway.

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