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What is community service?

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Comm 304- Conference and Group Leadership


Community service is important because it contributes to the success of a community.  So often people are concentrated on individual success. They may work hard for a desired outcome but the outcome is solely to support and benefit themselves.  The problem is that individual success is not what fuels a booming economy and supports a thriving population.  In order for us to succeed as a nation, we must succeed as a group.  That means that those of us who are capable and willing to help those of us who are less capable should.  We are told that we are all equal in this country, but that that doesn’t mean that we all have equal access to opportunity.  Due to conditions beyond control, many individuals are born into an underprivileged life.  Students aren’t always given a true education.  Veterans who risked their lives for us aren’t always able to get a job when they return.  Mothers who have become sick aren’t always able to afford to feed their children. It is our duty as privileged citizens to give back to those who are less than privileged.

 The community that you live in is more than just a zip code.  Your community is the heart and soul of your life.  Your community is home to your school, the place that you begin an education that will kick start the rest of your life.  Your community also provides you with parks that are not only environmentally necessary but are a spot that people can come together socially.  It is important not to take everything that your community gives you for granted. If you wish to succeed in life, you need the support of your community.

There are lots of different types of things that you can do as a form of community service.  There is the typical volunteering in a soup kitchen or planting a community garden. But there are so many other ways of community service that need to be done.  You can host a book drive in order to gather books for children that don’t have the same access to education equipment as you do.  You can spend time with at risk teens and pre-teens in an afterschool program.  You can find a way to encourage everyone in your community to recycle.  You can do any type of a fundraiser that you can use the profit from to make a healthy community.  The results are truly endless. Think outside of the box.  Discover an issue that you think is prevalent in your community, figure out a solution to that problem, and actively get involved to convince others to partake in your solution.  People get caught up in the everyday and they forget how important their contribution is to their community. Every little bit helps. If you have question or suggestions about how to get involved in your community, comment below.

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