Tuesday, April 14, 2015

UAlbany Service Learning and Community Engagement Project via the Harlem Donaters

     The Harlem Donaters, a group of 5 students at the University at Albany enrolled in a ACOM 304- Group Conference and Leadership class, has been tasked with collecting new or used books which will be donated to the Harlem Childrens Zone in Harlem, NY.

     Aaron Williams is a senior Communication major who loves staying active and helping others. He likes sports including basketball and golf. His favorite position in basketball is a forward because it is very hands on and it challenges Aaron’s ability to be a team leader. Jae Hack Jeong is a senior Economics major from South Korea. He served in the Korean military for 2 years and he plans on joining the US army. His desire to be in a team environment and helping others was integral to the completion of this project. Chris Pasquarella is a junior at the University at Albany studying Marketing, Management, and Communications who aims to one day work for NASCAR. He has done community service for various organizations including Guiding Eyes for the Blind as well as the Patterson Library. Will Hunter is a senior and a Communications major, who is a member of the UAlbany Rugby Team. Will’s postion the Rugby team is a tight head prop. This position drives the team forward using techniques of both offense and defense techniques which he credits to his maturity and engagement in the community. Dayun Park is a junior from South Korea who is studying Communication and Journalism. She volunteers for the UAlbany orientation assistance because she enjoys helping the community and getting people acclimated to new environments. All of us working together within a team has created a massive desire to help others and be involved in the community. Working with the Harlem Children’s Zone provided the perfect outlet for us to shine and help the world around us. 

     We are accepting books for toddlers, children and young adults. Any and every donation will beaccepted through the month of April, 2015. We are looking for books in good condition however, damaged books will be recycled or donated elsewhere.

     Harlem Children’s Zone is a non-profit organization geared towards aiding underprivileged children and their parents in making a better life through educational programs. To learn more about the Harlem Children’s Zone, you can contact them at (212) 360-3255 or visit their website at http://hcz.org/ . Every donation makes a difference and by giving to this cause you will be bettering both you and the community, please donate today!

Feel free to comment and/or ask questions. We are happy answer and respond! 

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