Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Group 4: Importance of Community Service

Group 4

     Our group for consists of Kelly (Business major), Carrie (Communications/ English major), Oscar (Communications major), Kassie (Journalism major) and Hyewon (Communications major.) We are in ACOM 304 Conference and Group Leadership with Dr. Yonkers.      
     We believe that community service is important because it allows people to build ties with their community and to help those in need. For college students, community service is important to familiarize themselves with their school's community and surroundings. It allows students to experience things that are outside of the shelter of their day to day lives. They might appreciate things they take for granted now because of the impact they see themselves making. 
     Because of the diverse nature at UAlbany, students have a wide variety of community service options to choose from. We are also so close to the state's capital and capital region, there is always a need for community service and a chance to give back to our community. 

Contact Carrie for more information: cramirez@albany.edu

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