Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Group 3: The Importance of Community Service


Helllo, we are Joseph Vorbeck, Dorian Polk, Annelise Campbell, Peter Schweitzer, and Alicia Smith, and we are Group 3  in Virginia Yonker’s 8:45 A.M. Group and Conference Leadership Class. The class has helped us to understand the importance of community service and why everyone should engage in it. Community service is the best way for people to get involved and to give back to their communities.

There are so many opportunities and activities you can participate in. It is very rewarding to know that you can make a difference. Many teachers should want to incorporate community service into their classes. It helps to show that students are more than just students since they can lend a helping hand to their community. Community service through classrooms, student groups, and sport teams gives the participants the opportunity to engage in service that they might not take part in otherwise. Incorporating community service into the classroom could also lead to people continuing and doing more service outside of the classroom on their own. Providing service is a reflection of the university and helps create and maintain strong ties with the community and students.  

We hope that reading this post will encourage students to get involved in community service and that they understand the benefits and importance of providing service. We also hope that teachers can find ways to incorporate community service into their curriculum. There are many ways teachers can do this through service learning projects in the classroom. For students, there are many organizations that can help you get involved. UAlbany promotes these community service opportunities through school emails, social media outlets, tabling, and much more. Engaging in community service is a great thing and hopefully more students and teachers will partake in more of these events. If you want to see how other students and teachers are giving back to the community, check out the #ualbanycommunityservice hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. If you have any questions or comments regarding this post feel free to email us!

Joseph Vorbeck: jvorbeck@albany.edu
Dorian Polk: dmpolk@albany.edu
Annelise Campbell: acampbell5@albany.edu
Peter Schweitzer: pschweitzer@albany.edu
Alicia Smith: arsmith@albany.edu 

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