Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Project Group Video (Week 8)


Kelly, Kassie, Oscar, and Carrie

Project Group Video (Week 8)

     Today our group was given the task to create a video explaining the process we used to accomplish our group service learning project. We were given a checklist that included the criteria we had to meet to finish the project on time. First, we were told to pick a concept for our video. We decided that our concept would be our process of choosing our organization, challenges we met along the way, and how we were able to overcome those challenges.  Next we gathered our equipment, which was an iPhone, and a Mac with iMovie.

      Next, we wrote a script and tasked each member to speak about one aspect of our project. We then filmed and edited the video using iMovie. We split up the work by having two people work on editing the video while the other two worked on the blog post. Finally, we uploaded the video to YouTube and embedded it into this post.    


 Hope you enjoy the video!

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