Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bay Shore Brightwaters Public Library

Hello, we are group 7, Karl, Naun, Chelsea, Shanice, and Walter, from the Leadership Communication class at the University at Albany.

A picture of the library we chose to send our books to is at the end of our blog. The location of the library is in Bay Shore, New York. There is also a link in the blog that will bring you directly to the website for the library where you can learn more about it. The reason we chose this library was because the transportation of our books will be fairly easy. Being that one of our members in the group is from this town and has a direct relationship with the library, he will be able to bring them directly to the library.

We plan to collect and donate 25 books to this library. We each started off with one book and it is our responsibility to each obtain the other four books needed. Collectively we decided on this library because we felt this was the most convenient way for our books to impact many people in the area. We wanted to be able to give to a lot of organizations in the beginning so we were thinking of sending books to more than one organization. When we came together it made more sense to send it to a library that a lot of people visit and would be able to use our books. When speaking with the library for the first time they told us they collect any donations as long as the books are in good condition. It is our main objective to obtain books in top condition so the library will be able to use them regularly and for years to come.

Bay Shore Brightwaters Public Library

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