Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bookmark Your Life!

Date: April 14
COM 304: Conference and Group Leadership 
Group 7

        Bookmark your Life is a fundraiser by Jessica Delaney, Spencer Thibault, Carol Kassas, Courtney Henderson and Caitlyn Coburn. Our goal is to collect donations for books for students that are between the 7th and 12th grade level. Donations are being accepted from all around Albany, from the library, students homes, classrooms and so on. Books can be of any genre as long as they are appropriate reading material. We hope to acquire a broad selection of genres in order to accommodate a variety of preferences. 
       Our goal is to provide these books for students in order to help them learn better habits. If a student can find an interesting book to read, something to help them learn a life lesson or entertain them, then our goal is complete. Sometimes all it takes is one chapter, or one quote to change your life. We want to provide those life changing books. 
       We are striving to help students pick up a book instead of learning bad habits. A book is better then a spray can or some type of crime or illegal drug. Our group has decided to donate books collected to the Lake George High School Library. This school is particularly small and can always use extra books. Located in a small town, this school focuses on reading as a past time so this book drive would benefit the community's needs. 
       The Lake George High School prides itself on community service and donates a lot of time and effort to making a difference. Every year, alumnus Rachel Ray visits the school to talk to the students about bullying. This is to encourage the students to respect other students. We hope to follow this example and lend a hand. This school truly cares about the well-being of their students which is why we want to help their cause by donating reading materials to kids who need an outlet. 
       Once we finish our fundraiser at the end of April and collected the book donations we will deliver them to the High School Library, which is about an hour away from Albany. We are accepting books from all students, campuses or any of those who wish to lend a hand to this great cause. These books are for them to do as they please, whether they'd like to give them out to students to take home or keep in the library for everyone to use. We are just looking to help encourage kids and teenagers to pursue a brighter future.         
       If you would like to contribute to this donation or have any questions or comments, please send an email to, bookmarkyourlifedonations@gmail.com and we can arrange a pickup. Please feel free to share this post in order to spread the word!

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