Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Out Reach Community Service: The Literate Earth Project

We have chosen to team up with the Literate Earth Project, seeing as we too, wish " to establish literate communities in developing countries by putting books in the hands and minds of children".  Based in Philadelphia, they supply developing countries with books, libraries, and education. They promote community building and "active citizenship". They run off of monetary donations and book drives that they coordinate on various campuses. The donations in turn contribute to books, shelving, training, and material transport. If you ever wish to donate or work with the Literate Earth Project, Visit : www.info@theliterateearthproject.org

Our group is simply an extension or facilitator for the Literate Earth Project at UAlbany. We chose to collaborate with the organization because we wanted to make a difference in poverty stricken communities. The organization was a perfect fit in our efforts to make a difference. By sending in these books, we're improving children's educational opportunities, which in turn will improve their quality of life.

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