Thursday, April 3, 2014

Darian Book Aid Project

Hello! We are group 6. We are very excited to announce our book project for Leadership and Group Conferencing course at the University of Albany. Professor Yonkers has provided us with the tools to reach out to these originations by organizing assignments such as blog posts and memos to present our group in professional manner when contacting these organizations. For our book donation project we have all agreed to collect at least 5 books ranging from children’s stories to college course textbooks, making it a minimum total of 25 books. We have chosen the Darian Book Aid to send our donation to. Darian Book Aid is a non profit, all volunteer organization that builds a foundation of peaceful, reliable standing and friendship by distributing free books for the needy. Darian Book Aid provides books and supplies to specific requests from Peace Corps volunteers, libraries and schools all over the world. Books are also donated to prisons, hospitals and native American groups thought-out the United States.

Collectively we chose the Darian Book Aid organization because of their efforts is far reached and they accept a wide verity of books. Because the Darian Book Aid organization accepts a wide verity of books we felt that this was the best organization for us. It is important that donations reach all types of people in need thoughout the world.  Our group is required to supply the books along with the shipping cost to the organization. Once the supplies are received the Darian book aid organization provides supplies and international shipping costs.

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