Thursday, April 3, 2014

Book project to Africa

How we Started
Book collection in progress

Hello everyone ! We are group 3 which include: Mellisa Balais, Tanasia Peaock, Mike Lentini, Dotou Zannou, and Dynani Dawes.  We’re a small group of students who are currently enrolled in a communication leadership and group conference course at the University at Albany. We are currently working on a project that will involve us sending books to different organizations around the country. As a group, we are going through the necessary tasks to obtain a wide variety of books to send to people around the world. We have decided to send the books to people who don't have the privilege of picking up a book any time they want, and people who are just in need of a little relaxation with a good book. As a collective group decision, we will  fund raise to cover the shipping cost of these books to get them sent out on-time. Some organizations we are closely working with are, Alpha Omicron Pi, Sankofa Africa, and Albany State University Black Alliance.These organizations have agreed to help us donate at least four of each member's personal books, plus books that the organizations has collected themselves. Through them we will be sending the books to different deserving groups such as, Soldiers Overseas, and Children in Africa.


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