Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Relay For Life, Group B5 ACOM 204

            In group communication our group made of Brianna Fortuna, Pareese Hankerson, Keenan Mitchell, Christopher Smith and Keaton Tuller is doing a volunteer project. Our group has decided that we will volunteer for Relay for Life, which is an organization for support and fighting of cancer. In total our group will successfully complete 25 hours which is 5 hours per group member.
            The organization Relay For life collects donations from the public in hopes for finding the cure of cancer. Our group will be at the event on April 26th, 2014 at the SEFCU arena. The organization lets people come together from the public, from survivors, to family of lost loved ones to just people supporting the cause. Teams that participate in Relay For Life are asked to walk around the track in support of the organizations efforts. To follow the idea that cancer never sleeps, Relay For Life asks that at least one team member per team remain on the track at all times. Our group decided to work with Relay for Life for our community service project because some of our group members have already worked for the organization themselves and feel comfortable with the organization.
General Relay for Life website:
SUNY Albany’s Link for Relay For Life:

            The work Relay For Life allows our team to support a very important cause. Some members of our team are personally affected by this terrible disease. Also, some of our group who are not personally affected have participated in this event because they are a supporter of what Relay For Life wants to accomplish. When our group completes the event everyone will feel happy and satisfied with completion of the event.

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