Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ronald McDonald House

Hello Everyone!
            The community service project that we, Group B-1, worked on for class (Group Communication 204) was service at the Ronald McDonald House. Group members consisted of Haley Lamberg, Julia Schuettenberg, Melisa Balais, Amanda Tinaphong, and Nick Pizza. Our group completed five hours of community service at the Ronald McDonald house by providing our time to bake for the families that live there.

Ronald McDonald House Charities main purpose is simply to help families in need. There are three platforms in which they do this: The Ronald McDonald House, the Ronald McDonald Family Room and the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile. We decided to focus our efforts on the Ronald McDonald House, which acts as a home away from home for families of seriously ill children in nearby hospitals. The stress from treatment for the children can place a great burden on these families. The Ronald McDonald House aims to help them get through this difficult time as a support system and a sense of comfort is established at the house. Upon hearing of the organization's mission statement, we felt impassioned to help! We can't fully encompass the ordeals the families must go through but we can help. Some things such as a home cooked meal go unnoticed with the stress of treatment but the Ronald McDonald House acts as that safety net and escape and that is what we wanted to be a part of.
Our community service project for the Ronald McDonald house was to bake brownies and cookies for the families staying at the house.  Every meal made at the Ronald McDonald house is through donation and volunteering so our group became a part of the effort to feed the families.  These houses are located throughout the country and we worked with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of The Capital Region which was located on South Lake Avenue adjacent to the Albany Medical Center.

Our group had a wonderful experience at the Ronald McDonald house. While the cookies were in the oven, we got to tour the house and see all the beautiful artwork and themes of each room. We found this nice because it adds creativity and fun to the house. This is important because the families that would be living in the house are going through a difficult time and every little bit counts. The house is filled with fun things and activities to do. We learned a lot about the Ronald McDonald house, their mission, and what they do on a daily basis. Once we found out that every meal is based on volunteer services, we were shocked. This was a great eye opening experience and it felt amazing to help out with these services. 

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