Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ronald McDonald House

As a group, we decided to use a parallel writing style as our model of writing. Since we are meeting virtually for class today, we split up the sections of our blog and each wrote one. Then, we sent each section to Caila, who is the Editor. She combined all of the sections to complete our assignment. 

Hello! We are group 7- Joanna Egles, Caila Friedman, Angelica Zielinski, Samantha Kraese, and Carly Jenkins. We are proud to say we will be working with the Ronald McDonald house as our part of the community service learning project in our Group Communication class at SUNY Albany. As volunteers spending time at the Ronald McDonald house, we expect to be involved in a number of different tasks with the children and families that are in the house. Some of the fun, yet helpful activities we will be a part of is baking, reading, organizing, etc. Collectively, we will work a total number of 25 hours, which is 5 hours per group member, as volunteers.

Through our groups service involvement with the Ronald McDonald House located in Albany, NY we were able to provide support for the children while also helping the families meet their needs by lending a helping hand. We had the opportunity to be meal partners where we make baked goods for the children in the house. In addition we also we able to be in-house volunteers where we assist in the day- to-day activities of the house such as answering phones and doing light housecleaning work. Our service to the Ronald McDonald house has given our group the chance to better the lives of these children and their families through our combined 25 hours of service in the house. As a group, this service has reminded us how important it is to give back and help our community whenever we can. The impact of our service on the Ronald McDonald house is immeasurable. It was our mission to lend a helping hand to those families and their children and assist them in reaching all their needs. It has been the greatest satisfaction to all of us knowing that we helped them meet those needs.

Our work has impacted our group because it gives us all a sense of accomplishment that we did something good for children who are ill. Our community service work is completely going to children who are ill and in the hospital. Whether we may be helping the Ronald McDonald House for Charity by baking cookies or brownies for children in a hospital, or reading to them, it shows us all that by giving back, we can really help make children feel better and make them a little happier given their situation. We all really enjoy working with this charity for our community service. We really hope that the time we put into this charity was really helpful and beneficial for the charity itself, the people involved in the charity, and the children who are involved in this charity. 

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