Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Relay for Life

            Hey guys! We are group B-6 in Group Communication. Our group members are Michele Canale, Mackenzie Cary, Ali Carbone, John Anthony and Jackson Ruggiero (Group B-6). For our service-learning project, our group will be working with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Each member will individually raise money for the charity, which we will then pool together and submit as a group to the Relay for Life chapter at UAlbany, collectively donating around 30 hours of our time.
            The Relay for Life is an organization within the American Cancer Society that raises money for cancer research, awareness, and the entire fight against the disease. Specifically, the Relay for Life is an overnight community fundraising walk. Teams of people gather around the track and take turns walking laps throughout the night. Relay for Life allows members of the community to form teams and actually participate in walking the event, or they allow teams to raise money and donate to the event. 


            Each individual in our group has different schedules, so we decided that the best way to donate our time and raise money for the Relay for Life would be through individual efforts. Mackenzie and Michele both donated a portion of their tips earned from bartending to the Relay for Life. John, Jackson, and Ali each spent five or more hours of their time raising money, asking for donations around campus and at their jobs. On Saturday, April 27th, our group will bring the money raised to the Relay for Life registration at SEFCU Arena on the UAlbany campus.

            Our contributions and donations to the Relay for Life will help the American Cancer Society’s goal in finding a cure for not just one type of cancer, but also every single cancer. Specifically, our group will help UAlbany’s Relay for Life reach their goal of raising $100,000. 

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